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  1. Analysis of research results and determination of operation parameters of producing and injection wells (efficiency coefficient, bottom-hole and formation pressure, etc.);

  2. Selection of the subsurface equipment, research, surveys diagnostics and optimization of technological operations modes of gas-lift wells;

  3. Selection of equipment and modes of flowing wells operations;

  4. Subsurface equipment selection and surveys diagnostics and selection of wells modes equipped by ESPS, SRP;

  5. Designing jet pumping units;

  6. Optimization of technological modes of gas-lift wells with the purpose of improving efficiency of a oil pool development;

  7. Prevention and elimination of problems during oil production in the complicated conditions, such as hydrate and paraffin accumulations, high content of sand, high content of gas, high viscosity of production, small diameter of an production string, significant curvature of a well, high water cut, etc.;

  8. Combined units including submersible pump and gas lift for well completion and bringing up them to production on the given technological mode;

  9. Operation optimization and substantiation of oil-gas gathering system reconstruction accounting for technological parameters (potential possibilities) of producing wells;

  10. Selection of geological and technical measures in effecting on the near-well bore;

  11. Single commingle operation of several development objects using a single well with an opportunity of regulation, hydrodynamical research and production registry for every reservoir;

  12. Determination of wells interacting via reservoir;

  13. Technology of high-viscosity oil expulsion from the stratum;

  14. Physicochemical influence on gas-liquid flow in a well;

  15. Optimization of gas allocation.


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