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  1. Separationless device for gas-liquid mixture discharge measuring and defenition of gas-oil-liquid content in wells;

  2. Pressure regulator and regulator of a gas-liquid flow discharge;

  3. Bottom-hole pressure regulator i.e. pressure stabilizer (for instance pressure stabilizer for submersible pump);

  4. Valve for creation of multiple instantaneous depression on formation with the subsequent pressure maintenance;

  5. Cutoff valve of bottom-hole formation zone (BHFZ) from a well;

  6. Cutoff valve for warning uncontrolled flows of oil and gas wells;

  7. Valve for a periodic gas lift;

  8. Valve for automatic starting and gas-lift well operation without using of a well head gas-flow regulator;

  9. Hydraulic re-using packer;

  10. Gas-lift well unit for small diameter wells;

  11. Universal well tool for cable operations;

  12. The four-way cock for variation of two various flows moving;

  13. Piping perforator of hydraulic operation;

  14. Controlled warming cable for warning complications (hydrate, AWA, high viscosity) in a well.


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