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  1. Development objects:

    1. Estimates of the hydrocarbon resources and substantiation of the recovery coefficients for hydrocarbons

    2. Designs of the producing test

    3. Field-development program

    4. Process chart for development

    5. Designing of the hydrocarbon fields development

    6. Updated projects for development (supplementary development)

    7. Technical and economic assessment for development of the hydrocarbon fields

    8. Analyses for the hydrocarbon fields development

    9. Follow-on the implementation of the design projects

    10. Computer Development of the permanent geotechnical models for the hydrocarbon fields on the basis of the ECLIPSE 100 (Schlumberger)


  1. Surface oilfield fasilities:

    1. Development of the projects for construction of oil field facility

    2. The optimization of the oil and gas oil-and-gas gathering system with taking into account the operating regimes of the producing wells

    3. Facility for preliminary water discharge and water treatment with using the decentralized pumps

    4. Separators and setups for preliminary gas vent

    5. Group units for on-line measurements of the well productivity

    6. Designing of the well pads with the compressor-less gas lift technology

    7. Designing of the centralized compressor gas lift technology

    8. Designing of the compressor gas lift technology for well pads

    9. Optimization of the equipment for gas dewatering

    10. Booster modular-pumping-stations


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